new slate signs designs project

creating a range of internal slate signs for an office
I have been asked by a friend to create someĀ new slate signs designs for a company they are doing some interior design for. I do a fair amount of work with Jess my friend and although sometimes its not the most mind-blowing cutting edge creative its a great source of income for me and well paid too.
She is always great on the brief front so before I start I always know exactly what the client expects an this is most helpful when it comes to designing something. As well as a tight brief she always gets top dollar for the work we do which again is great as it allows me to help her out when I can by doing heavier discounts if the client dictates this is a deal breaker. Working in the symbiotic way is fab as we both understand what need to be done and it allows us just to get on and do it.

Internal slate signs

The commission is for about 80 internal signs that will be engraved onto slate by another company once the designs are done. Some are very basic and others will be far more elaborate including an opening plaques and a big monolith for the entrance to the office block.
Yes some are drab and quite boring to churn out but the more complicated bespoke stuff is cool and will look amazing in my design portfolio. I hope that using a natural product will give it that touch of class the brief dictated and also shows a connection to the environment being the office is set on an old slate mining area.

As well as slate signs I am doing bespoke wallpaper as well

Another very interesting dimension to the project is the request for bespoke wallpaper of for the main client waiting area. It will need to feature some key elements provided by the client and also pay homage to the architects vision for the project and this poses a real design challenge for me. Some initial concepts have been well received and I am not digitalising some of them so they can see how it will look once the wallpaper is printing and put up.
Bespoke wallpaper is a really cool idea for a completely original and truly bespoke look to an area and is surprisingly inexpensive although a specialist wallpaper is always advised as the glue is different from conventional paste and if you don’t get it spot on you waste a whole heap of time and money.
The proust should take me another week or so to complete and for this one its not a rush job which is fantastic as when I get burnt out I can park it for a while and move onto something else. I really enjoy working like this as it keeps the project fresh and doesn’t allow the more mundane stuff to get to you.
I am about mid way through the more standard slate signs as I wanted to get all them done before I make a start on my show stoppers.

Eric Hess

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